He swooped into my life on gosimar wings all suave and debinanare.Dark Chocolate,just the way I like them. Chiseled perfection with Expresso Eyes.That Wickedly Sexy,Lopsided Grin bemuses me in a way that cant be described in less than a few words.Ur in my life and I dont know why or how you got here. Just Too Damned Good To Be True,Is the title to this scenario. Ive Prayed a prayer to the God of All! Asking him to take away All the muck&mire that was caused by counterfitters in my life. I was specific about wat I want in a mate. The one Is My Soulmate. Dear God Let Him be a True Worshipper Let him be the Apple of your eye like David Let him have the patience of Job. Let Him have Faith Like Daniel And let him Love me unconditional Like Jesus Christ Himself! I dont want a perfect man just the perfect man for me.Because what God Has forMe It Is For Me.NO MORE COUNTERFEIT CASANOVAS.
            by Tammy R. Tucker

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