You step from the shower,steam rising from glistening skin.Broad shoulders,rippling muscles.The top of your head,the soles of your feet!The touch of your hands the hair on your chin.I want to taste you Dark Chocolate.A little goes a long way. THE Taste of you dances across my palate,leaving me hungry for more.Piercing my Soul with Espresso eyes. Syncopated heartbeats that intertwine.Mocha Lips! Hersheys patterned the Kiss after you! Voice like cococream,Velvety smooth! You Envelope me in your Special Dark. Like Maxwell House,you’re Good to Last Drop! My mouth waters at the thought tasting you. Always satisfying and yummy too.My Dark Chocolate Mountain,Chisled Sweetness.Delicious work of art.Head on your chest,I hear your hearts Rhythms&Beats. Melodic,hypnotic from the start.You move me,Enthuse me.Cant get Enough. Some like it easy.Some like it Rough! There will be no ending once we start. No Bittersweet for me…I like my Chocolate Dark!
           by Tammy R. Tucker

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