This Poem is inspired by the brutal and violent death of little Lisa Steinberg and the other children that get abused and suffer in silence by their own family members and the preciious ones that dont make it. Some people truly acknowledge the violence, see the bruises, and turn a blind eye and eventually that’s why our children continue to die.. It Takes a Village People!!

Questions from Beyond. I had a right to live. I was here to love and to give. Why was I abused? I didn’t get a chance to know what was a gentle touch, I never asked for much. I was unprotected, rejected and always neglected, having no reflection of myself just knowing I was there, knowing i was scared knowing no one cared. Knowing my life wasn’t fair, knowing everyday was a nightmare. Many tears of fear I was scared. I had a right to live, I was here to love and to give. I was just a little girl wanting to put on a pretty dress and twirl and swirl. But that all ended my dream of a place in this world. As short as my life turned out to be, I never became me. A little girl who just wanted love in her life. Before that could happen I paid the ultimate price, Beaten all over my body and tortured day and night was the beginning and the end of my short-lived life. My life had just begun and most of the time i hadn’t even seen the sun. My cries, my absences my bruises my shyness, the ignorance. Why?
by Lorrayne Lilley

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