Dead silence. Like a bluetooth. Blind bat. Nudityz on the radar. Find dat? Mind livez inside a crumpled wino sack. Angry Black syndrome. Hard up for Obama Care. Clueless. Permed. Fine hair. Dyed mine true blue. A deadbeat. No agility. Open liability. Loose tooth. Green eggs and ham. Jig all day. Make strange. Houseboy sounds. Like a parakeet. Or a Cadillac engine. Slip and fall in a grocery store. Man down. Indian owner’s back injured. I’m yella skint. Lack pigment. I call that the blues too. Action figure. Short school bus. Raggedy clothes. Fool’proof. Once struck a match. On the rusty palm of a nigger. An Aryan guy in prison. Look u in the eye. And do you. Dont want no trouble. Smoke. Blood. Choking. Bubbles. Unexpectedly. The Grim Reaper appears. Lights out. Like celibacy. Un’screwz you. Weaklingz. Sistas. Brothers. Who are you? Blue suede shoes on the weekend. Custom fitted nooses. Bad news crew. Extra extra. Read all about it. Freed men? Prove it. Eye doubt it. True blue. Audi. …..usb

Red is the hue of my True Blue
I’m just tickled pink 2 be collabin with u
Green eggs and ham? Pannycakes and spam
Silver lining turns 2 grey matter
The poor get thinner, the rich get fatter
I once robbed a thug, took his gold toof
He chased me down, but I was gone in a poof
Agent Orange sprayed on the crops
Makes them tremble, and hearts to stop
Brown is the tone of the skin I’m in
Black is the way I prefer my men
But yellow can be mellow
If he’s a jolly good fellow
My mind is a house filled with empty white rooms
Memory goes fast, thoughts go zoom
Blood stained sidewalks turned burgandy
Copper coated future, now shattered dreams
Red + Blue makes Purple (ROYALTY)
Clearly we are kings and queens.
True Blue.

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