no parenting skills

I beg your pardon? Well don’t ass me to do nothin..nodda. Nathan..not no moe. A birds and the bees talk. Gone horribly wrong. According to the old ball and chain. Baby mama numba seven asked me to talk to our dark skint son. Man. Look. It’s simple. Fuck a love note. If she sucks your dick, she really likes you. Peerit? Period? When she turns 18, if she sucks mine too, marry her. She’s loyal. Devoted. Definitely a keeper. Capital Dee. Done widdit. Lil nigga talks too much tho. Wasn’t supposed to tell his mom what grown men discuss. Dude. You’re acting mighty suspect. Go buy me some generic cigarettes. With dez last two dollas. Say what? Make it right. BTW..there’s a hungry pit bull runnin’ loose in the neighbor’hood. He don’t bite tho. Trust me. Have I ever lied to yah? Love. …dad

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