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My fine Brotha of Color the uniqueness of your texture wud drive any sista wild with your handsome face and voice of base and Style with Taste that smile you represent must be heaven sent, you my king the way you show love for another puts you in the category of one Fine Brotha…..
           by Lorrayne Lilley


He’s Powerful and Towers above me im looking up and Wisdom looks back at me as i gaze into brown eyes i see none other than the Wise The way he speaks tells me knowledge is his specialty. He’s powerful and towers above me the divine being of our nationality dark skin and brown eyes he is a prize He’s powerful and towers above and thats Eternally …..
     by Lorrayne Lilley


Bobbi Kristina
Momma’s beautiful baby.
Love so true.
But what is a baby suppose to do.
When she can no longer.
Touch you.
Smell you.
See you.
Playfully hold hands with you.
Can’t say I know you.
But it really seems as if I do.
Because your Mother proudly shared you.
How she adored you.
She very deeply loved you.
Life without her.
She didn’t prepare you.
It seemed too soon.
What’s a heart broken baby to do.
All that cares are praying for you.
Please relieve the pain life has caused you.
Just my way of saying.
Sorry Bobbi Kristina
Love you
by Baby Jap


I suppose..
No one knows.
Who I truly am¿
I propose.
Some don’t give a Damn.
I really hope My Stupid Babies aren’t like those.
But the ones that don’t matter can Beat it! YO LOSE! GO ON NOW! SCRAM!!
They try to slaughter
my peace/my pieces/my poetry
like Silence of MARY’S LIL LAMB.
With my head tilted I’m ready to pass their exam.7
How about you do you?!
Catch me if you can
Riddle me this¿
Are you truly a friend
Or are you a Fantasy
Fake as Hell
All Pretend.
And if so…I’m still me.
That’s Who I Am
by Baby Jap


It’s like:

I hate that Bitch.
(I really like her)

She thinks she’s all that.

But that bitch can fry the hell out of some chicken.
(I wish I was her good friend)

Chicken be Finger Lick’n
(I hate I started this bull shit. Wish I could apologize. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn)

What’s her recipe?


by Baby Jap


Dead silence. Like a bluetooth. Blind bat. Nudityz on the radar. Find dat? Mind livez inside a crumpled wino sack. Angry Black syndrome. Hard up for Obama Care. Clueless. Permed. Fine hair. Dyed mine true blue. A deadbeat. No agility. Open liability. Loose tooth. Green eggs and ham. Jig all day. Make strange. Houseboy sounds. Like a parakeet. Or a Cadillac engine. Slip and fall in a grocery store. Man down. Indian owner’s back injured. I’m yella skint. Lack pigment. I call that the blues too. Action figure. Short school bus. Raggedy clothes. Fool’proof. Once struck a match. On the rusty palm of a nigger. An Aryan guy in prison. Look u in the eye. And do you. Dont want no trouble. Smoke. Blood. Choking. Bubbles. Unexpectedly. The Grim Reaper appears. Lights out. Like celibacy. Un’screwz you. Weaklingz. Sistas. Brothers. Who are you? Blue suede shoes on the weekend. Custom fitted nooses. Bad news crew. Extra extra. Read all about it. Freed men? Prove it. Eye doubt it. True blue. Audi. …..usb

Red is the hue of my True Blue
I’m just tickled pink 2 be collabin with u
Green eggs and ham? Pannycakes and spam
Silver lining turns 2 grey matter
The poor get thinner, the rich get fatter
I once robbed a thug, took his gold toof
He chased me down, but I was gone in a poof
Agent Orange sprayed on the crops
Makes them tremble, and hearts to stop
Brown is the tone of the skin I’m in
Black is the way I prefer my men
But yellow can be mellow
If he’s a jolly good fellow
My mind is a house filled with empty white rooms
Memory goes fast, thoughts go zoom
Blood stained sidewalks turned burgandy
Copper coated future, now shattered dreams
Red + Blue makes Purple (ROYALTY)
Clearly we are kings and queens.
True Blue.


Drift closer…
Let your conscience tie into mine…
Learn me and I you…
Your personal thoughts enlighten me…
A view between the eyes…
Primed and ready for exploration…
I plunged into your ocean…
Deep breaths included…
No scuba gear or snorkels near…
Just open mind and plenty time…
I see happiness and horrors alike…
I am not afraid…
And if I was fear subsides over time…
with trust and patience…
I have both qualities from what I’ve been told…
No matter…
I focus on your internal being…
Even ones that don’t feel so well are taken in…
Analyzed and compared to mine…
Similarities exist as well as differences…
More of the former than the latter…
Though we as people seem to see less of what makes us alike…
That, I don’t like
But I am not one to judge…
I just observe like I am now…
To soul search is an asexual behavior…
Not now…
What a view inside of you…
Appalled and elated simultaneously…
I await your report anxiously…

There is a voice. A voice that will connect us. The voice will be in our minds and hearts. (Mind and heart connect.) This will be a living testimony. Metaphors will act and interact like computer terminals, roughly speaking.
A community of anointed who know one another will soon come to fruition; in their minds and hearts. (Because mind and heart connect.) And not all know this. But they will connect. Will I be in D’Andre? Will D’Andre be in me?
The WORD has not changed. But the world has. YAHWEH knew this would happen because HE made this world so that HE could incorporate those to come as servants in the way the new world would understand. If they will listen.
Acceptance comes only with experience. Those who wrote the Bible scribed with gifted hands. Often unaware of exactly what they were actually writing. They were simply being guided and obedient to THE SPIRIT.
CATS. Why cats? I write this being led by THE SPIRIT. What does this mean? ACTS. It’s a new day, but an age-old way. YAHWEH’S way. To bring forward the WORLD into the WORD, each identified by purpose. “It won’t be water, but fire next time.” Be water, but fire. Stay calm, but be fierce! Be not afraid to venture into the unknown.
Scary, huh? I know. But, THE SPIRIT showed how it should be told. Through gifted hands someday someone might understand. The connection is real. It is written and sealed. Are you confused? I already knew. Cock-a-doodle-doo…the rooster crows. Yes, they will know. It’s a new day.

10 “For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel,
After those days,” says the Lord;
“I will put my laws into their mind,
I will also write them on their heart.
I will be their God,
and they will be my people.

11 They will not teach every man his fellow citizen,
and every man his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’
for all will know me,
from their least to their greatest.

12 For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness.
I will remember their sins and lawless deeds no more”

13 In that he says, “A new covenant”, he has made the first old. But that which is becoming old and grows aged is near to vanishing away.

Hebrews 8: 10 – 13
World English Bible (WEB)

by xsweetness68x