Tarbaby66 and NYsom, the self proclaimed “Black Sheep”. WTF?!!! Shit’s about to get deep…

The sum of all fears.
Collect call from the county.
Stepdad says ain’ nobody home.
Dyck eatin foster momz all ears.
I’m bipolar.
Don’t do collabos
Not much too often.
Headwrapped in a wankstaz bandana.
Love classicals
Rewind dat lame Santana.
Blue suede shoes dude?
Innocent mind.
Mix matched thoughts.
Used coffin.
Package me.
Play slick.
Cheat at pool.
Skip school.
My community salutes Shay.
Prays for apathy.
Tag nigger.
U’re it.
Near miss.
Warning shots.
Buzzing ears.
Warmin socks.
Extended clips.
Lonely indigents.
Collecting chips.
Right armz hot
Still Fight The Power.
Fuck respect.
Elections hit.
Slump ova.
I bleed the town.
Necks get rip.
Columbian tie.
Walmart wardrobe.
From the swamp to the Whyte house.
I’m clueless as a trailer park hoe.
Lights out.
I’m useless.
Catholic Mexican bytch.
Bless this shyt.
Wade in commode.
Shallow wadduh?
3/5 of a man.
Now who’s next on the list?

NYsom GO!!?! – like all lights green — Dis lime green I’m chiefing — Got me charged la la like lightning –NYsom stix n moves — Like in vestibules — Couple hunnid — “Fight Clubbin'” — Ain’t nuttin’ — I been thumpin’ — Ever since old pops “put me in da oven” — Moms was strong but wasn’t — Supa woman, therefore my name – became synonymous wit hustlin’ — Late 80’s I carried da ROCK – No fumblin’ — Some gotta fall to rise – Nga, I stay up n comin’ — like I’m Re-revitalized ah somethin’ — Bob Marley, Christian Brothers + NYsom = quartet hummin’ ——-
Here HE GOes again – no pad or pencil — Ngaz trace me blueprints da stencil — NYsom da extraterrestrial — Dis shell I’m in is jus ah enterprise rental — feeling like last night, Bob Marley woke me up – so it ain’t coincidental — I’m ruff, rugged n raw – y’all ngaz is ultra sensitively gentle — I does dis shit — like “Hancock” bitch — guzzlin’ liquors by da fifths — Floatin’, UpLift — NYsom’s clutch at da buzzer – straight swishhhh — Y’all kids throw brix — Peace “23keys” — no keys – grand theft auto 6 class mer-ce-des — Thermostat rap, 400 degrees — HE’s ah fukn beast — pop off quick, like H2o n hot grease — zeeero worr-ies — multi taskin’, Head action – while I’m droppin’ dis piece — snow bunny, butt naked – give her ah “A” for effort — she swivel neck’d it — she’s marvelled – by it’s girth, callin’ me Bull, deep throat gargle – fully erected —– Sum Of All Fears equals a classic, I co-directed — ngaz moco careers is lookin’ dismal.

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