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In honor of our forefathers who paved the way for us through their strength, bravery and strong belief in God! Let’s continue to believe!

Being black in the work place;
They take my kindness for weakness,
They take my silence for speechless,
They consider my uniqueness strange,
They call my language slang,
They see my confidence as conceit,
They see my mistakes as defeat,
They consider my success accidental,
They minimize my intelligence to “potential”
My questions mean, “I’m unaware”
My advancement is somehow unfair,
Any praise is preferential treatment,
To voice concern is discontentment,
If I stand up for myself, I’m too defensive,
If I don’t trust them, I’m too apprehensive,
I’m defiant if I separate,
I’m fake if I assimilate,
Yet, constantly I am faced with work place hate,
My character is constantly under attack,
Pride for my race makes me, “TOO BLACK”,
Yet, I can only be me, And, who am I you might ask?
I am that strong black person. …
Who stands on the backs of my ancestor’s achievements with an
erect spine pointing to the stars with pride, dignity and respect which lets the work place in America know, that I not only possess the ability to play by the rules, but I can make them as well!

Black History 5365am
“Those who stand for nothing Will fall for anything”
            by the_real_one_is_bacc


As a good woman ive cooked and cleaned washed your dirty clothes changed your baby pampers and cleaned mines and yours or your baby snotty booger nose I rubbed your back and your feet and your neck and your toes hung up or folded your clothes and when you had a cold brung you campbell soup and orange juice while your sick in bed kept you well fed macaroni fried chicken collard greens and conbread fish and potatoes and do you want hot sauce white or wheat bread blow jobs till your feeling half way dead braided your hair or twisted your dreads I rubbed your bald head kept you entertained like Ced-dric the entertainer we have womens intuitions and I dont think you should go out tonight Bae your patna got shot keeping you out of danger buying your kids shoes, cothes ,braces and retainers teaching mines and yours or your baby dont you talk to strangers on your way to school nor back home let you drink and smoke your weed your blasting Against All Odds because thats your favorite song and when you get home from work we try our best to be quite and leave you alone giving you womanly advice hopefully right and not wrong sitting up in the hospitals with you for hours when something has gone wrong we try to up lift you and encourage you my love its going to be alright and be strong we will go to war with a female or a nigga over you when your pleading baby just leave it alone got your on personal ring tone and its Im Still Waiting by Jodeci on my phone we take your cussing and fussing sometimes because we know its your male testorone we bone you all most every freakin night and all most every freakin day we act like its Burger King and let you have it your way on your Birthday threesomes,paid vacations,the expensive hotels let you party hard and allow you to have strippers with our hard earn money we will let you even tip her we even tell you too go ahead have fun and you flip her upside down perfume sprayed on your envelopes and money on your books when you got locked down and for a few years or months not messing with nobody were still holding it down were having phone sex and im playing with that mound making moaning sounds while you jack your dick sending coochie flicks sticking out our back sides while we pose sending you nasty videos at the gym trying to keep it right and tight like Serena Williams or Amber Rose and you have a good woman in front of you and its like you have your eyes closed but yall like those dirty and the grimey women that do you wrong so yall can go right on ahead and have them Hoes💯
                by y0urhighness


(In Rememberance/Shirley Pe’lenike/1975-1994) “Pain Is Love” It hurts to love someone,so much so long,like forever-So many years,day and night,but forever turns out to be never/ To lose someone in death,the hurt and sadness is hard to explain-When all life’s hurts are nothing to compare to the pain/ Pain is love,it hurts your heart to care-To open yourself,to want to share/ Pain is love,when someone sometime will die-The raw pain when you have to say goodbye/ Tormented by memories of how it could have been,in a life forever-The pain,the hurt,the sadness,to see them again never.
          by Lanaki Guerrero


You step from the shower,steam rising from glistening skin.Broad shoulders,rippling muscles.The top of your head,the soles of your feet!The touch of your hands the hair on your chin.I want to taste you Dark Chocolate.A little goes a long way. THE Taste of you dances across my palate,leaving me hungry for more.Piercing my Soul with Espresso eyes. Syncopated heartbeats that intertwine.Mocha Lips! Hersheys patterned the Kiss after you! Voice like cococream,Velvety smooth! You Envelope me in your Special Dark. Like Maxwell House,you’re Good to Last Drop! My mouth waters at the thought tasting you. Always satisfying and yummy too.My Dark Chocolate Mountain,Chisled Sweetness.Delicious work of art.Head on your chest,I hear your hearts Rhythms&Beats. Melodic,hypnotic from the start.You move me,Enthuse me.Cant get Enough. Some like it easy.Some like it Rough! There will be no ending once we start. No Bittersweet for me…I like my Chocolate Dark!
           by Tammy R. Tucker


He swooped into my life on gosimar wings all suave and debinanare.Dark Chocolate,just the way I like them. Chiseled perfection with Expresso Eyes.That Wickedly Sexy,Lopsided Grin bemuses me in a way that cant be described in less than a few words.Ur in my life and I dont know why or how you got here. Just Too Damned Good To Be True,Is the title to this scenario. Ive Prayed a prayer to the God of All! Asking him to take away All the muck&mire that was caused by counterfitters in my life. I was specific about wat I want in a mate. The one Is My Soulmate. Dear God Let Him be a True Worshipper Let him be the Apple of your eye like David Let him have the patience of Job. Let Him have Faith Like Daniel And let him Love me unconditional Like Jesus Christ Himself! I dont want a perfect man just the perfect man for me.Because what God Has forMe It Is For Me.NO MORE COUNTERFEIT CASANOVAS.
            by Tammy R. Tucker


How is it that we indulge ourselves in all of this self-deficating behavior,that seems to keep us weighed down in the muck and mire of Self Pity? We concieve,plan,design, send and recieve invitations.To what? A Pity Party. Presicely what is a Pity Party? Its not even that.A Party is a celibration. Most celibrations are positive for positive reasons and positive causes. Pity Parties are Negativity to the umpteenth degree. It is intensified to the point that it engulfs u and those around u in the undertoe in an ocean of dispair where u are drowned in Self Misery. There will be no music at this party. Only the sounds of ur heartbeat that is beating in a ragtag rhythem that seems as if its next beat will be its last.Thats the sound that a broken heart makes. U cant dance or keep time to that music. Its a hodgepoge of disappointments and hurt feelings. I dnt want to dance to that music.Hell,nobody does! Where would u have this Pity Party at? Theres not venue large enough to contain the innumerable amount of party goers.The Pity Seekers and Pity Givers turn out in droves. Interacting with eachother in a way that is overwrought and oozing with passive-aggressive behavior. The guest list is an eclectic mix of folks that are so miserable that the absolutely Luv the Company. Guest inlude Debbie Downer,Munchehousen
Little Boy Blue,Cry Baby and Weeping Willow.Just to name a few.All the drinks are mixed with bitter tears of Irony.Its Ironic at how we swollow the salty tears of gloom and doom.Never Realizing that INTO EACH LIFE SOME RAIN MUST FALL.Can u say Silver lining? Those Humdrum Decorations just won’t do. Think Happy thoughts People! Let the sunshine in! How can u let depression dictate Ur future or happiness? Lets Change the theme of this party from Its a Hard Knock Life to New Day New Page! Because Pity Parties are for Pitiful People!
          by Tammy R. Tucker


This Poem is inspired by the brutal and violent death of little Lisa Steinberg and the other children that get abused and suffer in silence by their own family members and the preciious ones that dont make it. Some people truly acknowledge the violence, see the bruises, and turn a blind eye and eventually that’s why our children continue to die.. It Takes a Village People!!

Questions from Beyond. I had a right to live. I was here to love and to give. Why was I abused? I didn’t get a chance to know what was a gentle touch, I never asked for much. I was unprotected, rejected and always neglected, having no reflection of myself just knowing I was there, knowing i was scared knowing no one cared. Knowing my life wasn’t fair, knowing everyday was a nightmare. Many tears of fear I was scared. I had a right to live, I was here to love and to give. I was just a little girl wanting to put on a pretty dress and twirl and swirl. But that all ended my dream of a place in this world. As short as my life turned out to be, I never became me. A little girl who just wanted love in her life. Before that could happen I paid the ultimate price, Beaten all over my body and tortured day and night was the beginning and the end of my short-lived life. My life had just begun and most of the time i hadn’t even seen the sun. My cries, my absences my bruises my shyness, the ignorance. Why?
by Lorrayne Lilley


My fine Brotha of Color the uniqueness of your texture wud drive any sista wild with your handsome face and voice of base and Style with Taste that smile you represent must be heaven sent, you my king the way you show love for another puts you in the category of one Fine Brotha…..
           by Lorrayne Lilley