How is it that we indulge ourselves in all of this self-deficating behavior,that seems to keep us weighed down in the muck and mire of Self Pity? We concieve,plan,design, send and recieve invitations.To what? A Pity Party. Presicely what is a Pity Party? Its not even that.A Party is a celibration. Most celibrations are positive for positive reasons and positive causes. Pity Parties are Negativity to the umpteenth degree. It is intensified to the point that it engulfs u and those around u in the undertoe in an ocean of dispair where u are drowned in Self Misery. There will be no music at this party. Only the sounds of ur heartbeat that is beating in a ragtag rhythem that seems as if its next beat will be its last.Thats the sound that a broken heart makes. U cant dance or keep time to that music. Its a hodgepoge of disappointments and hurt feelings. I dnt want to dance to that music.Hell,nobody does! Where would u have this Pity Party at? Theres not venue large enough to contain the innumerable amount of party goers.The Pity Seekers and Pity Givers turn out in droves. Interacting with eachother in a way that is overwrought and oozing with passive-aggressive behavior. The guest list is an eclectic mix of folks that are so miserable that the absolutely Luv the Company. Guest inlude Debbie Downer,Munchehousen
Little Boy Blue,Cry Baby and Weeping Willow.Just to name a few.All the drinks are mixed with bitter tears of Irony.Its Ironic at how we swollow the salty tears of gloom and doom.Never Realizing that INTO EACH LIFE SOME RAIN MUST FALL.Can u say Silver lining? Those Humdrum Decorations just won’t do. Think Happy thoughts People! Let the sunshine in! How can u let depression dictate Ur future or happiness? Lets Change the theme of this party from Its a Hard Knock Life to New Day New Page! Because Pity Parties are for Pitiful People!
          by Tammy R. Tucker

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